Battle for Congress Suddenly Looks Competitive

Battle for Congress Suddenly Looks Competitive

I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been telling my friends that the Republicans are the ones who are energized and will not only take the White House but the Congress as well. Obama has lost the momentum he should have had out of his convention because he didn’t pick the right VP. No one in the Democrat party is excited about Joe Biden. On the other hand, picking Sarah was transformational for McCain. The more they attack her for her lack of experience, the more people will identify with her. We know what her experience is because it is something we can relate to. Obama lacks experience, but his background is nothing we can relate to. And she has MORE experience than him because she’s been a mayor and a governor. She has been an agent of change while Obama has not. There is a revolution going on and it is in the Republican party! We are taking back Washington from the do-nothing-but-try-to-hurt-America Dems!! How many times did the Dems try to cut funding for the troops in Iraq, I lost count. Thank God for the Republicans who blocked those votes and now our troops are coming home in victory!!


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