ABC News: Obama’s Exclusive Interview With ‘GMA’

ABC News: Obama’s Exclusive Interview With ‘GMA’
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Part of the fun of this election cycle is having two candidates who are guaranteed to say something stupid almost every day. Yes, I’m talking about Joe Biden (who’s on a Hall of Fame pace right now) and the Great Orator, Barack Obama. Honestly, some of Barack’s gaffes have been Hall of Fame material too. My favorite is still on Memorial Day when he said, “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.” Apparently, he sees dead people. . .all the time. This week, he made another one on national television with Chris Cuomo. Cuomo (to his credit) was challenging Obama about all the negative ads his campaign was putting out. Those are a bunch of gaffes on their own. Obama, speaking now from his high horse, said, “If we’re going to ask questions about, you know, who has been promulgating negative ads that are completely unrelated to the issues at hand, I think I win that contest pretty handily.” ABC was quick to point out (although Obama didn’t apparently realize his “mistake”) that he “apparently” meant that John McCain was putting out more negative ads than he was. I guess we’re supposed to miraculously know what he means when he says the opposite. So I guess when he says he’s only going to raise taxes on the upper 1% of taxpayers he “means” grab your wallets and hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy night! Or when he says he’s going to hold Wall Street’s feet to the fire, he actually means he’s going to threaten them with government sanctions until they’ve donated enough money to get him reelected. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but how can we be sure. It was just a couple of weeks ago he told George Stephanopolous about “my Muslim faith.” George, dutifully, was quick to correct him, “You mean your Christian faith. . .” Words mean stuff and Obama is apparently rewriting the dictionary!


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  1. Rebrag

    As for his “muslim faith”… While I doubt he or McCain are actually men of any faith, I wonder if Jesse Jackson may be calling Obama spot on. October 14th Jackson announced an Obama administration would be no friend of Israel.
    Muslim or not, Obama is clearly pro-Arab. Are we, as a country, experiencing Stockholm Syndrome this badly? I feel fairly certain Obama is suffering this psychological anomaly. And fear the results of embracing an enemy who sheaths a knife in his sleeves.

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