They just can’t wait

Op-Ed Columnist – We Found the W.M.D. –

Time For Him To Go

Well, I guess we know what the talk around the water cooler is at the New York Times. There seems to be a theme running through the op-ed page at this once proud journal. Unfortunately, their hatred for all things Republican/Conservative has overwhelmed them. Here you have two columnists dreaming about the new Obama posse. . .er I mean administration. Apparently, it’s not enough for them to win, now they want to change the Constitution so they can get their guy in NOW, DAMN IT!!!

As you will see, they are very concerned about the looming financial crisis and what a horrible job Bush is doing handling it. They need Obama and they need him NOW, DAMN IT!!! Never mind that Bush has kept Obama totally in the loop, or that Obama’s pick for Treasury Secretary has been intimately involved in the ongoing bailout strategy, even before he was nominated. No, they are completely blinded by their hatred for Republicans in general and Bush in particular.

Too me, they sound like a bunch of spoiled brats. They want their new toy for Christmas and they want Christmas to come in October. Friedman even goes so far as to suggest they suspend the big parties and the fancy coronation. . .er I mean inauguration and go straight to the swearing in. “Just get me a Supreme Court justice and a Bible,” says Friedman. Well, in the immortal words of Kevin Spacey in that great movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” “that is not going to happen – definitely NOT!” There is NO WAY the Dems are going to miss a bash like this. Think of all the great funk and R&B music we’re going to get to hear this year!

To me, this hints at something far more ominous than the looming financial problems. These people are willing to set aside the Constitutional provision for the peaceful transition of power just to get their guy in a couple of weeks early. This is the problem with setting the government/President up as the be all/end all of their lives. Without the right person in office the economy will continue to flounder, they speculate. That is why it is so dangerous to have the government involved in the economy. It has failed everywhere it has been tried. The only fix for this economy is the painful process the free market will inevitably exact on these failing industries. No one is looking ahead to the brave new world we will have when the pain is over. Someone or something will have to take the place of these companies to provide the services or products that they do. We need to let these processes take their time and work their way through. Besides, I STILL don’t think it’s as bad as their telling us.



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3 responses to “They just can’t wait

  1. Anamerican

    You wrote: "Think of all the great funk and R&B music we're going to get to hear this year!"

    I think you should be careful here. Your use of stereotypes hints of racism. As a friend, I have never known you to be racist, so I assume your attempt at humor and sarcasm is missing the mark. I think making such jokes must be tempered if you want to be taken seriously and not labeled a racist.

    On your main point… I read both these op eds. Gail Collins and Thomas L. Friedman both come across as a complete idiots. They are demonstrating what I have come to see as the NYT mindset. Radical partisanship and complete disregard for the U.S. Constitution. This is scary stuff when we have people running around so panicked and spouting off in major newspapers. I wish the NYT would allow comments on their op eds, but in true fascist dictatorship style, they permit no opposing views to be expressed directly.

    I suggest Friedman take an antidepressant and a long nap, say until January 20th.

  2. fancybeggar

    I thought it was more of a shot at Bill Clinton and his stinkin' Fleetwood Mac song we had to hear over and over in '92 – but I know what you're saying, Anam. It would be cool if we get some good R&B or funk for a change, though. I'll hold out hope for Rick James, but it would probably be James Brown. Like I haven't heard "Living in America" enough times in my life yet.

    Besides, isn't it also a little bit racist to think that talking about R&B and Funk is a comment on Obama's race? After all, there are lots of white funk groups. There's Elv… uh. Well, what about Vanil.. er, um. Fine, I see your point. But I'm counting Wild Cherry.

  3. B. T. Pound

    I agree with Anam. If you want your ideas to be taken seriously, you should refrain from remarks like this.

    Oh, and no one takes your ideas seriously.

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