Obama Interviewed In Blagojevich Probe – December 23, 2008

Obama Interviewed In Blagojevich Probe – December 23, 2008

Well, it doesn’t look like I’ve blogged about this yet. I made a few comments on anamericanidots blog so let me get you up to date. This is what I said back on Dec. 10:

“This presents a whole slew of possibilities. First, will Obama be indicted before the inauguration. If so, does he resign and we end up with Biden? If he’s not indicted, does he offer a Presidential pardon to Blago to keep his mouth shut? Who’s behind this investigation? Whoever it is doesn’t have the Democrats’ best interests at heart so naming names wouldn’t be a big problem for them. We certianly know Barry has no problem with hardball politics. Look how he got Ryan’s divorce papers made public so he could win the US Senate virtually unopposed. But did he do anything illegal? I find it interesting that Obama came right out with the comment, “I’ve had no contact with the governor’s office.” Really? You never spoke to the Governor of your state concerning who you think should take over your seat? Let’s assume that’s not crazy on the face of it, but we have evidence that in fact he did. Axelrod says he did and Drudge has a link with the headline, “Nov.5: ‘Ill. Gov to meet with Obama today.’” The story has apparently been taken down and Axelrod says he “apparently” misspoke. So what are they hiding? Time will tell. (And perhaps Atty. Fitzgerald will too!)

“Did you see the picture of Obama SHAKING HANDS with Blago from Dec. 2?!? As Hannity said, if you’re shaking my hand, I’d call that contact. Are we supposed to believe that Obama and Blago were in the same room and DIDN’T talk about the Senate seat? I know. . . it’s just innuendo. . .there’s no evidence. . .yeah, and you didn’t have sex with that woman. Man, does this feel familiar. At least we don’t have to worry about what the nation will be talking about for the next four years. It won’t be Iraq, the economy, national defense, health care, education, tax cuts, or anything else. It will be the ongoing investigations coming out of Chicago! Keep an eye on my blog for more info.”

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to get up to speed on this. We now know that YES! in fact someone from Obama’s office DID have contact with the Gov. This would presumably explain the very strained comment from Barry that “I — I had no contact with the governor or his office so we — uhhh, I was not aware of…” Notice the quick change from “we” to “I.” But right now, all we have is the word of Obama’s attorney, Greg Craig, that Obama didn’t talk to Blago. Funny name – Greg Craig. Sound familiar? It sure did to me! Greg Craig was Clinton’s attorney during the Lewinsky debacle. Well, one of them anyway. Craig was in charge of the impeachment defense. Nice job Craig. And congratulations on the new appointment to White House counsel. Oh, you’re the President’s attorney again? Nice.

Wait a minute, I thought we all voted for change we could believe in! Let’s see, we have Clinton’s former attorney, Clinton’s former Deputy Attorney General, Clinton’s former Energy Secretary, and Clinton’s former. . .er. . .I mean current wife! Just to name a few. Man change sure looks familiar. But I digress.

So Greg Craig is the guy who’s going to be advising Obama on legal matters. I wonder if he was the guy who advised Bill Clinton when he told the American people (with the appropriate finger wag) that “I did not have sexual relations with that woman. . .” or if he was the one who told Clinton to admit that he had had an “improper physical relationship” with Ms. Lewinsky. Whichever, the point is that, as I mentioned before, we will be talking about this for months if not in fact years from now. This will haunt Obama’s Presidency throughout. He already had a cloud of controversy over him from his associations with Wright, Ayers, and Phleger et al. Now we can add Blago to the list.

Make no mistake. I’m not so sure that there is anything to this whole Senate seat issue. Maybe Obama’s nose is clean as far as this particular issue is concerned. The question is: what does Blago have on Obama that he’s willing to give up to save himself?!? Obama was a fast riser in the completely corrupt Chicago political machine. It’s almost funny to watch this now as the players are all falling over themselves to get rid of Blago, not just because he’s corrupt, but because of how it opens up new positions for others to move up. That is to say that in the middle of this corruption scandal, there are all new ones being dreamed up by those who have their sights set on the Governor’s office. Seriously, it’s like the old Soviet power struggles. Get rid of the head and everybody fights for the chance to move up.

So out of this pool of corruption comes the lily white (figuratively of course) Obama. He who had no idea that Rev. Wright was saying these offensive things from the pulpit. He who had no idea that he was launching his political career in the living room of an admitted terrorist. He who can’t produce a valid birth certificate. And he isn’t even in office yet. If the transition is any indication of what the next four years are going to be like, this should be a lot of fun and I’m probably going to run out of cyberspace to blog about all of this. Let’s just hope it keeps him too preoccupied to raise our taxes!


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