Closing one book, opening a new one.

As the inauguration of a new President approaches, it’s time to both look back and forward. (Try not to get dizzy.) We’ve been through a lot over the last eight years. Our world has changed for the better and for the worse. There is no more Taliban and there is no more Saddam Hussein. I consider that the better. We have suffered through much though. Obviously, the terror attacks of Sept. 11 have changed our world forever. But we have also suffered severe storms which many are still recovering from. There is a lot of attention being paid to our economy right now, but frankly, after all we’ve been through, I think it’s in remarkably good shape.

The question becomes: How will Obama’s Presidency cope with similar circumstances? Of course, no one can predict exactly what he will have to deal with. We can only hope that those who he has chosen to advise him will give him the proper advice to deal with these unforeseen emergencies. I think Bush has done a pretty good job coping and responding to the various situations. He took a lot of heat for Katrina, but local officials clearly dropped the ball despite the pleadings from Washington to help them. Fortunately, we have learned from that experience and the recent severe storms that went through Lousiana (though less severe) were managed much better. Joe Biden was right. Obama will be tested. Whether it comes from the variety of despots around the world or Mother Nature herself, he will be tested. . .many times.

With that in mind, let’s take some time out to make a few predictions. Some of my predictions are already coming true. Obama has already started to lower the bar on his promises (ala Bill Clinton in 1992). This is what happens when you realize you’ve promised everything to everybody for free! But just for fun here’s a short list of things you will hear or see in the next few years:

1) If it is a success, it will be because Obama made it happen! (see Iraq, bailout, war on terror)

2) If it all goes to hell, it will be Bush’s fault (see Iraq, bailout, war on terror)

3) Obama will place an executive order banning offshore drilling (a requisite rise in oil prices will ensue, which will be Bush’s fault)

4) Congress, taking their lead from Obama, will also renew the ban on offshore drilling (a further rise in oil prices will ensue, which will also be Bush’s fault)

(man, this is like shooting ducks in a barrell, let’s see – what else)

5) We hear the name Blagojevich for at least the next two years.

6) We don’t hear the name Biden until his son runs for Senate in 2010.

7) Obama will get his economic stimulus package through Congress featuring billions in tax “cuts” which don’t actually cut anyone’s taxes. (You can’t cut taxes for someone who doesn’t pay taxes)

8) Obama has made it clear that he favors a playoff system for the NCAA Football Championship. After many hours working with NCAA officials and network TV execs, and millions of taxpayer dollars spent, a much more complicated and less effective system of crowning a champion will be established, or. . .nothing will change.

9) Either way, the Gators will still win the National Championship!!!

10) And the number 10 prediction for Obama’s Presidency is (drum roll please. . .wait. . .I did this backwards. . .ah screw it!) Middle East Tension!!!!

(Loud Music, cheers, maybe “Happy Days are Here Again” playing!)

Ultimately, no matter how great or how bad things seem to be, we’ll all probably be OK. I remember the 70’s. It was clearly the worst economy of my life. I was unemployed for years (OK, I wasn’t even in high school until the late 70’s) but then the 80’s happened. What a joyous time!! The movies were better, the music was better, the sex was better! (did I mention that I was in elementary school for most of the 70’s?!?) I loooooove the 80’s!!

The point is: life goes on, and so does this blog!


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  1. You didn’t predict the gasoline tax increase. I would add that the federal government starting in the House, then the Senate, and finally Obama, will call for and pass a hike in the fed gas tax. I would predict 25 to 50 a gallon. It’ll be sold as being needed to pay for highway infrastructure repairs. When coupled with the renewed bans on drilling and opportunistic Arab/Venezuelan production reductions we’ll be back to $4.50/gallon gas by August. If we get a single gulf hurricane brace for $6/gallon. I believe the Obama/Pelosi/Reid cabal have a target gas price in mind that they will never publicly admit. Based on comments by Al Gore that target is between $10 & $15/gallon by 2013. If they start getting people used to $6 this year that is a realistic goal. It will push the rapid development of alternative fuels and (in their warped view) enhance the environment by forcing reduced consumption. Look for more on this topic from me in the next week.

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