Let’s just have a party!

So I get up this morning and here in the northeast, it’s common to check the school closings to see if there are any delays or days off for the kids. (The answer was no, in case you’re taking notes.) I usually go to one of the local TV stations’ websites and today the lead story was how the Mayor of Hartford, CT, was planning to turn himself in after being indicted by a grand jury. Apparently, he used a city contractor to do unpermitted work on his home. Take a moment and read the story and tell me what party Mayor Eddie Perez belongs to. Go ahead. . .I’ll wait. . .don’t know? Can’t find it? That’s odd. Well, let’s check his Wikipedia bio. What’s this? Perez was involved in organized crime? Tied to the socialist party?!? Well, I’m sure he didn’t run as a socialist. But still no party affiliation here either. Man this is really weird. Ok, my investigative cockels have been raised, I have to figure this out. I’ll go to the City of Hartford’s website. Nope, no party there either. Why is this being kept such a big secret? Well he has to have won a primary to get elected. I’ll search google for “hartford mayoral primary.” Oh thank God! There it is in the New York Times (not sure how accurate this story is though), from 2007, Eddie Perez wins the DEMOCRATIC primary. What a shock! The Puerto Rican immigrant with a history of involvement in organized crime and tied to a socialist party and is being indicted for bribery is a DEMOCRAT?!? I would have never guessed that (sarcastic remark)!

The bigger question is why is there apparently a concerted effort to cover up his party affiliation? it’s not just one or two publications, I had to do some real searching. In addition to those I mentioned above, I also checked out an editorial from the local newspaper endorsing him for Mayor, despite the investigation, and even THEY don’t mention his party!

The idea of a biased news industry has been debated for years. It appears the debate is over. Not just from this episode I had this morning but because this same thing has been happening time and again over the years. You can pick up just about any newspaper and see the way they talk about Republicans and Democrats and realize there is an agenda afoot. In fact, I’m sure that the left-wing agenda is what is destroying most of the newspapers around the country. A good poriton of the jobless numbers coming out now are from the newspaper industry. While I realize more and more people are getting their news from the internet, the dirty little secret is that those people are primarily conservative. That is to say, the press has alienated their own consumers.

I recently saw a clip on Glenn Beck’s website. It is an interview with the Dean of Washington journalists, Helen Thomas. She has sat in press conferences from Eisenhower to Obama. In this clip, which you can see on You Tube, Helen can’t even imagine a journalist being anything other than a liberal! I’m not saying she doesn’t have a right to her opinion. I’m just saying, if you have this bias, then for God’s sake don’t pretend you don’t! We know that everyone has an opinion. Every journalist has a point of view. It’s impossible not to. But why is a news organization like Fox demonized when other organizations like NBC, CBS, et al. are lauded?!? We know why. Because those who are doing the demonizing are the very ones who feel threatened by their existence. How did Fox News so easily and consistently dominate much more established entities like CNN and MSNBC? Because they wear their bias on their sleeve, they cover the news fairly, and because news consumers are primarily conservative.

When you take time to read a newspaper article, think about what they are trying to feed you and read with as much skepticism as possible. The bias goes much deeper than simply not showing up to the party! (Ok, that was lame, but how much did you pay for this site?)



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2 responses to “Let’s just have a party!

  1. fancybeggar

    This is why George Washington was such a staunch advocate of having no political party affiliations. It gives people yet another label to judge others by instead of judging them on their merits, and creates an “us vs. them” dynamic. Organized crime and malfeasance have no party, my friend. Focus on the actions, not the party tag.

  2. reedkeys

    While I realize that organized crime and malfeasance have no party affiliation, it is only in the Democrat Party where they are considered a resume enhancer!

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