The tax must go on!

Check out this article on It’s funny how these big time libs get all conservative on me when it’s their industry that’s in the crosshairs. As a supply-sider, this warms all my cockles.


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  1. fancybeggar

    It’s a good article, but I’m not sure how much a tax on Broadway tickets would really hurt at this point in the ecomomic downturn. Theater tickets may be more of a Veblen good these days, and the fact that the surviving shows cost more might be an even louder way of saying “we can afford it” to friends and neighbors.

    I wonder what effect luxury taxes imposed during times of econimic crisis, when the poorer marginal users have already dropped off, actually help or hurt demand. If only someone, somewhere, would research that for their conservative supply-sider blog. Oh, well… I guess we’ll never know.

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