The truth hurts, but so does the dentist.

The cries are coming from all corners now. You don’t have to look very far to see newspaper articles and news features about the plummeting stock market, rampant inflation, and rising unemployment. The government has allocated thousands of millions (that’s billions, in case you’re keeping track) of dollars to try to stem the tide and the tsunami of bad news is still rolling over us. I have detailed in the course of this blog why this strategy of spending won’t work and I believe the Obama administration and his party cohorts know it won’t.

I believe we are going through a seminal time in American history. The Obama administration has left no wiggle room. They are spending at a pace not seen in HUMAN HISTORY! No nation has ever undertaken this kind of spending program and no nation could. Even we can’t! So why do this if it’s apparent that it risks far more than it helps? Well this is the part that takes bravery, on my part as well as yours. I’m going to speak the truth, it’s up to you to believe it or not. If time proves me wrong, feel free to point it out to me. I expect to get as much as I give. Here’s the bottom line: this spending spree is less about helping the country and more about entrenching Democrats in office for years to come!

In the late 60’s, LBJ unveiled the Great Society. We were going to end poverty in our lifetime. Over the course of the last 40 years, we have spent billions. Does anyone think we have ended poverty? What’s the solution we hear from the left? “We just haven’t spent enough!” Well, now that surely isn’t the problem, right?!? Is this enough, yet? Are we going to fix the problems with our economy by spending into oblivion? What did happen as a result of the Great Society was that there was a bevy of social programs that Democrats could point to as having the potential to solve all their woes. During every election cycle, they could threaten that the opposing Republican was just going to cut their favorite programs and they wouldn’t have them anymore. And it worked! For the next 30 years, Democrats remained in control of the House of Representatives. Their dominance was so complete, they usually didn’t even tell the Republicans when the committe meetings were because they didn’t need them. It wasn’t until Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America in 1994 that the GOP got the House back.

We are starting a new Great Society. These spending measures and this pricetag are only going to grow. They will continue to drive the economy down because that’s not what’s important to them. In fact, they HOPE the economy continues to tank. They can’t win in the arena of ideas because all of theirs have failed miserably. What they want to do is create crisis and scare the hell out of you so you’ll let them do whatever they want. Heck, even Hillary echoed what Rahm Emanuel said a few months ago: “never waste a good crisis.” They believe by hyping the crisis mentality, they can re-engineer our economy and our society.

Dick Morris is a former Clinton aide, but he has worked for many candidates as an advisor for many years. Recently, he pointed out that by cutting taxes for the bottom half of taxpayers, he’s effectively removing them from the tax roles. So now he raise taxes on the “rich” and over 50% of the taxpayers won’t care cause they’re not paying any taxes! And the really devious element of this plot is that no one will want to vote for someone who wants to even the playing field. The cries of “tax cuts for the rich” will be heard from every corner. This is Democrat entrenchment.

One need only listen to what the President is actually saying to know what his agenda is. He said the other day that, “What I am looking for is not the day-to-day gyrations of the stock market … but the long-term.” I’ll give him credit. He told us what he was going to do when he was running, and he is doing it. And he is telling us now what is important to him and we should listen. Since he was elected, we have lost about half the nation’s wealth in stock value. This will also result in lower tax revenues since they are based on a percentage of wealth. This will inevitably result in higher tax rates to try and recover the lost revenue, further driving down wealth. If the President thinks what is going on in the stock market is a gyration, we are all in trouble. Stocks are in a steady decline with no end in sight.

Well, at least the one bright spot is the relatively low oil prices. We won’t have to worry about high gas prices any time soon. Really?!? This week the President unveiled his new cap and trade policy which is designed to ruin the energy industry. It’s almost like they are targeting various sectors of our economy for destruction. (Well, if it walks like a duck. . .) The simplest explanation is . . .THEY ARE!!

So what does all this have to do with the dentist? Well, just like going to the dentist, this is going to hurt for a while. We will have to make some hard choices. Do we let the banking, automobile, and housing industries go bankrupt? All at the same time? YES! This is the market’s way of clearing out the dead wood. Sort of like a controlled burn. When the forest gets too overgrown, we sometimes set them on fire INTENTIONALLY so they won’t burn out of control. So we should INTENTIONALLY let the industries fail and help those people who, through no fault of their own, find themselves out of a job. I promise you it will cost WAY less than the amount of money we are spending now and in about a year, those jobs will start to come back. The companies will have a new sense of purpose and a better grasp of who they are so they can grow into the future.

This will not happen though as long as this bunch is in power. They have no interest in creating wealth. They are not actually trying to help the little guy. They are just trying to make everyone the little guy.



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3 responses to “The truth hurts, but so does the dentist.

  1. You said, “They are just trying to make everyone the little guy.” Nope, you’re wrong. They want to make at least 52% of the people the little guy. They are too ignorant to understand that they will destroy the upper 2% through taxation and dumb ideas like cap & trade. They think because we need things to live we will buy them at any price level. They believe oil, natural gas, & coal are bad so they intend to do them in with the naive idea that alternatives will quickly arise to replace them. Short-term consequences be damned. Unless they are allowed and encouraged to completely ruin the economy by 2010 they will succeed in entrenching themselves as the ruling party for another 20-50 years. Fear is the greatest weapon any dictator ever wielded and these goons have proven they love to use it.

    My feeling is if the economy is ruined and corporations flee the U.S. by moving offshore it will serve as a wake up call. But only if Republicans can step forward with a real plan and a real leader. Any success or improvement and they win 2010. Once all their socialistic programs are enacted – game over. The 52% living tax free and on government entitlements will never vote anything other than Democrat. I’ve seen it. I’ve heard older Republicans who are retired and lost all their money in the market say they NEED the Democrats to survive. So they vote their leather wallets. The herd always does.

  2. reedkeys

    With all due respect (this is usually followed by something completely disrespectful), I don’t think you got the point of the blog. I don’t think they are “too ignorant” or have “dumb ideas.” They know they are ruining the economy and are relishing it. They believe they are “sticking it” to the wealthy.

    There is a concept I have been toying with but haven’t blogged about yet. Liberals believe there should be a “ruling class.” They resent the idea that literally anyone can achieve in this society. For example, they resent a guy like Bill Gates because he doesn’t have the pedigree. They eschew his software since he didn’t achieve his wealth by going through the “proper” channels: Harvard, Yale, etc. This is the same reason they hate Sarah Palin.

    However, in this country, the rich have as much power as the politicians. By the same token, a poor man can get elected to the same office as a rich man. By their standard, it’s all out of whack. So if they can destroy the wealthy class, all that is left is the political power. I’m not sure I’m explaining this well.

    Anyway, they are definitely, intentionally destroying wealth in order to ensure their political futures. Of that you are correct.

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