What’s the Rush?

As many of you who know me know, I am a big Rush Limbaugh fan. Rush has been a big part of my life for more than 20 years now. Rush was a gift my wife gave me on our honeymoon. She liked to listen to talk radio, but I never heard of it. Back then, our schedules were opposite. She worked days and I worked nights. This is how we courted. I had several days off during the week, but we never got together during the day because she was always working.

So, after we got married, we took some time off for a makeshift honeymoon. Nothing fancy, that’s not us. Just some quality time together to celebrate our new union. So we had the whole day off and Lisa jumps in my car and the first thing she does is change the radio station (women! lol). She says, “You’re going to love this guy!” She was right! I was hooked instantly and have been a fan ever since. That was August 15, 1988, just two weeks after Rush first started his nationally broadcast show.

Since then, I have learned a lot about the Conservative movement. I had always defined myself as a conservative, but Rush helped me learn to articulate the ideas and core beliefs I had about government’s role in our lives. Contrary to what many people think, Rush doesn’t tell us WHAT to think, he helps us define WHY we think the things we do. I and 20 million of my closest friends have helped Rush not only redefine Conservatism, but also AM radio. Rush is the most listened to radio talk show host on the air and he almost single-handedly saved the AM band. Rush has been inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame and has received Marconi awards as well.

Of course, when you step out and take on the liberal establishment, you put a big target on your back. As a result, Rush has been under attack for almost his entire tenure. Liberals want to misrepresent who he is and what he does to undermine his message. (you know, if you can’t attack the argument, attack the arguer) Well, this week the Obama administration took their hatred of Rush to a whole new level. They are actively targeting him. As revealed in this story in the Politico, the Democrat braintrust has decided that since Bush is gone, it’s time for a new whipping boy and that is Rush.

Now let me understand this: The President of the United States, arguably the most powerful man in the world, feels he needs a whipping boy? and that person is a talk show host?!? I mean come on! This is about as petty as it gets. Here you have a guy who won an election where he received almost 70 million votes, more than any other candidate ever. And he is actively attacking a man who has never been elected to anything?!? I’ll say it again – A TALK SHOW HOST!!!

I am having a very hard time stomaching this one. This seems so far out there that I don’t know what to make of it. First of all, it seems that after only being in office for about six weeks, Obama is already in campaign mode. Maybe he should try governing for a while, then he might have something to run on. Second, he is picking on someone who has no ability to change policy in this country. The President has the White House and BOTH houses of Congress! Does he seriously think he needs to pick on Rush Limbaugh?

This attack on Rush stems from a series of events that have amped up the dialog between Rush and the White House. Of course, Rush has been an outspoken critic of Obama since early in the campaign. He even undertook a strategy of encouraging Republican in late voting states to change their party affiliation and vote for Hillary in the Democrat primaries. It was dubbed Operation Chaos because he was trying to create chaos in the Democrat party. It was mostly successful as all over the country, traditionally Republican districts started getting unusually high rates of Democrat registrations. Hillary ended up staying in the race until the last weekend, but ultimately Obama was still strong enough to win in the general election though.

Then, just days before the inauguration, Rush was recounting an email conversation he had with a reporter. The reporter was looking for Rush to write a 400 word essay on what he wants from the Obama administration. Rush said he didn’t need 400 words, he only needed five, “I want him to fail!” Well, that sent the media into a tizzy. “Rush wants the country to fail! Rush wants the economy to fail!” Of course, that’s not what he said. What he said and what he meant was that if Obama is serious about raising taxes and changing the economic priorities in this country (measures that Rush knows will fail to solve the economic blight we are in), then he wants OBAMA to fail.

Then last weekend, Rush spoke to the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC). The speech was carried live on three networks. He spoke for over an hour and received 18 standing ovations. If you haven’t seen it, please stop by rushlimbaugh.com and take a look. It was like a pep rally. He had that room eating out of his hands! They loved him and he gave as good as he got. It was awesome! And now we have the liberal left trying to paint a talk show host as the leader of the party.

While I don’t deny Rush’s influence on conservative thought is palpable, he is not and can not lead a party without being an active member of the party leadership. The idea that somehow someone with a maximum listening audience of 20 million people can overcome the bully pulpit of the POTUS is laughable. This is only going to embolden Rush and diminish Obama, something Obama’s policies are likely to do as well.


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