Vacation is a NOT a four letter word!

I almost never watch morning television on the networks. Today, however, I had Good Morning America on and they had Deepak Chopra in what they call the “Hot Seat.” Today’s focus was the economy. I am officially renaming this segment to “The Money Guru!” An homage to one of my favorite comedians, Mike Myers’ movie, “The Love Guru.” At this point, I can’t tell the difference between Myers’ Guru Pitka and Chopra. But I digress.

During “The Money Guru” segment, Robin Roberts points out that GMA got a lot of email heat because they took the show on the road for a week. Her question to Chopra was from a viewer who said they are feeling the same things about simply taking a vacation. They are concerned that their friends and neighbors will look poorly on them for going out and having fun in these dire economic times. Chopra’s advice was surprisingly prescient. He said (and notice I am quoting here), “Don’t be afraid of spending money if you have it.” He then gives a very quick lesson in trickle-down, supply-side economics. Listen to this: “When you take that trip, you’re giving employment to the people who work in the airline industry. If you go to that restaurant, that waiter is going to get a tip. In fact, the more you circulate the money, the more you increase confidence and trust that everything is OK. Don’t overdo it, but don’t hoard.”

WOW!!! This is powerful stuff! I’m aghast that this kind of talk actually made it to our airwaves on a mainstream media outlet! If we were getting this kind of information from the President of the United States, instead of (with all do respect) a self-help guru, we could end this “crisis” in a matter of weeks, maybe days. What was the President doing? During this same show, I was treated to shots of the President playing basketball in a pick-up game and making his bracket predictions. This sort of reminded me of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

So why would the President not engage in this kind of pep talk? Why is it that now that he is actually in office, chants of “Yes we can” have changed to “No we can’t!” Because, as I’ve posted before, he has an agenda. They believe they can use this opportunity to advance all kinds of social engineering projects which have nothing to do with actually helping the economy. Traditionally, recessions don’t last very long, if they’re left to their own devices. We are already starting to see positive signs that the worst is over. This article in the Financial Times points out that housing starts are “surprisingly” up (why is that whenever we have good economic news it’s always “surprising” or “unexpected?” Just wondering). Did we hear the President addressing this? I didn’t. I saw him making his bracket picks.

Does anyone really think that if President Bush was playing basketball and making bracket picks during this economic “crisis” that calls for him impeachment wouldn’t be heard from every corner of popular culture?!? To the contrary, after 9/11, he engaged in precisely this kind of pep talk, asking people to go out to eat and take their vacation if they had planned one to help the economy from collapsing. For this, he was ridiculed. But people listened and we didn’t have a single quarter of negative growth for the next six years!!! Despite the most devastating attack on our economy ever!

Last year, during the gas price spike, we were being told by candidate Obama that we could not drill our way out of this crisis. The President however did something. He revoked the executive order that banned offshore drilling. This began a downward spiral of oil prices that has only recently started to level out. Despite the fact that not a single drop of oil has actually been drilled from new offshore drilling. That’s how you avert a crisis.

I have no doubt that in the days to come Mr. Chopra will be vilified by the press for his ridiculous comments and the President will be lauded for his insightful bracket picks. If only that got America back to work!


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