Maybe I should just ask simple “yes” or “no” questions!

Ok, now I think it’s just personal. Twice now the President has intentionally pre-empted one of my favorite shows, American Idol, for one of his news conferences. (For the record, Danny Gokey will win!) I mean really! There’s 24 hours in a day, 168 in a week. Idol is on for three hours. That leaves 165 for him to have a press conference! BTW, I don’t remember them pre-empting network television for President Bush! I thought he was generally relegated to the cable news stations. I may be wr. . .well that can’t be.

So I watch this exercise in free press. The word I’ve heard most often concerning this is B-O-R-I-N-G! Well, I certainly can’t disagree, but I’m not sure any of his predecessors were particularly entertaining, like, oh I don’t know, AMERICAN IDOL!!! But I digress. No, the word that came to my mind was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I’m not sure how he did it. This man, Barack Obama, was swept into office primarily on the basis of his outstanding oratory skills. Let’s look back at a seminal moment in the campaign, the night he secured the nomination.

Wow, remember that? The earth was beginning to heal, the rise of the waters was beginning to slow, ahhh the good old days. Literally amazing that a man who can make these kind of wild promises sound plausible is now being accused of being boring. He still has the prompter. He stil has the ardoring fans, although most of them are accredited members of the press. You know, I think I know what it is. It’s the reverb. Yup, that’s it. If he just spoke a little louder and they put a little reverb on the mic, it would sound plausible when he says he’s going to cut the deficit in half by the end of his term. Or that reducing the tax deduction on charitable giving won’t hurt charities. I can just hear it now, the phrase, “what we have said . . .” wafting through the caverns of the White House like it bounced off the columns at Invesco Field! And maybe some of that severe backlighting they used to use so his head appears to have a halo around it. . .yes by gosh, it just might work.

Or, alternatively, we could elect someone who has a better grasp on the issues. That way it wouldn’t take five minutes to get a three sentence answer. Why else would he keep saying, “what we have said . . .” over and over? It’s because he has no knowledge except from the speeches he’s given. He’s literally quoting himself! And usually misquoting. Like when he was asked about the executive order funding embryonic stem cells. He said it was important for us to have, “strong moral guidelines, ethical guidelines when it comes to stem cell research. . . I think that the guidelines that we provided meet that ethical test. What we have said is that for embryos that are typically about to be
discarded, for us to be able to use those in order to find cures for
Parkinson’s or for Alzheimer’s or for … all sorts of other
debilitating diseases, juvenile diabetes, that … it is the right
thing to do.” But according to the Baptist Press, those guidelines don’t exist in the order he signed! Apparently, he left it up to the National Institues of Health to make those guidelines. Apparently, he still feels these kind of ethical dilemmas are “above my pay grade.”

This reminds me of the executive order he signed closing the Guantanamo Bay prison camp and had to keep asking his attorney, Greg Craig, what was in the order!

So – so far, he didn’t know what was in the Gitmo executive order, didn’t know that AIG bonuses were guaranteed in the stimulus bill, and didn’t know that there aren’t any ethical guidelines in the stem cell order. I don’t call that boring, I call that AMAZING!



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5 responses to “Maybe I should just ask simple “yes” or “no” questions!

  1. fancybeggar

    Well, if American Idol didn’t want to be selectively preempted by the present administration, maybe it shouldn’t be such a conservative think tank. I mean, have you read Paula’s essays on subduing the Asian economy called the “Mai Tai-wan/Xanax Effect?” I wonder where she comes up with those terrific metaphors.

    As for Obabma’s failing memory, that might be a good thing. Maybe he’ll forget to raise taxes, increase spending, and thwart free enterprise like he secretly planned to do, and stick to the bill of goods he promised the American people during his campaign speeches.

    jk ;)

  2. Any opportunity to pre-empt that overbaked show is a welcome relief to the collective intelligence of the American public. Did I rattle your cage? Meant to.

  3. reedkeys

    Ok, I’ll grant you that AI is not the most intellectual of pursuits but it sure beats this alternative!

  4. Found one more, of a very, very small list, reason the west coast is an okay place to live. No prime time interruptions on television shows.
    We got the show, the whole show, and nothing but the show up here in NOT God’s country, Seattle, Washington.
    BTW – Adam is way better than Danny!

  5. reedkeys

    What, you mean you got to see AI on Tues. instead of Wed?!? We had to wait a WHOLE DAY and you got it on TUES? Well, that sucks! Just like Adam!!!

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