Announcing Blog Project 2009: Traditional American Values

Ok, this is a little ambitious and maybe a little pretentious. I was thinking to myself the other day about how I believe that liberals do not believe in traditional American values. That this is the great chasm between conservatives and liberals, we see America differently. Those who agree with what I consider core American values, aren’t really liberals. But then it occurred to me that it would be useful to have a reference we could all check and see if our policies adhere to our values. I realize most of these values are imbued in our founding documents but it never hurts to repeat ourselves.

So my intention is to show you the list below and then take the next several months to expand on each of the items and what they mean to me. This should take a while. I tried to focus on the broader values and not specific policy issues. Policy should flow from these values. I think we have gotten away from what we believe as a nation and need to get back to our core values.

I say this might be a little pretentious since I’m now setting myself up as the arbiter of what American values are. But this is what we as American’s have always done. Who was Thomas Paine? He was one of the first bloggers! Wikipedia calls him a pamphleteer. This is clearly the predeceesor to the internet’s blogs. I’m just following one of my traditional American values: self-determination.

Remember, this is a work in progress. I may repost this list as I revise my wording or ordering, whatever. I hope you’ll take this journey with me. It should be fun. Obviously, I look forward to your input as we go. I hope to address one of these every week or so. That way I’ll be done by the end of the year. Some of these can be covered very quickly and others will need more exposition. I may cover two or more in the same context. Anyway, without further ado, my list of Traditional American Values:

We, the people of the United States, believe:

1.    That our life is a gift from the Creator.
2.    That freedom is a right for everyone.
3.    That government, while necessary, should be limited.
4.    No one, and no thing, should interfere with man’s relationship with his Creator or infringe on his liberty, without due process.
5.    That this relationship between man and Creator is the best moral compass for society.
6.    That government is as responsible to the people it governs as the people are to their Creator.
7.    That capitalism is the economic representation of a free society.
8.    That the family is the best source for social remedy.
9.    That marriage should be between a man and a woman.
10.    That parents are responsible for the raising of a child, which includes discipline, education, and values. This obligation doesn’t end at a certain age.
11.    That Americans are the most benevolent people in the world.
12.    That the United States is uniquely qualified to defend freedom and liberty around the world.
13.    That an individual is the best determiner for his own destiny.
14.    That government should do its best to protect the people without getting in the way of their lives.
15.    That laws are the agreement we make with each other about how we will treat each other.
16.    That those who refuse to obey the law, should be punished according to the law.
17.    That people have the right to keep what they earn.
18.    That government should only tax people to provide the things people cannot provide for themselves.
19.    That the United States has the right to protect itself from enemies both foreign and domestic.
20.    That individuals have the right to defend their lives and their property. This includes the right to bear arms.
21.    That a job is a privilege and not a right.
22.    That a free press is needed to be an advocate for the people.
23.    That no law should be passed to interfere with any of these values.

So let the debate begin! What have I forgotten, what would you correct? This blog is a benevolent dictatorship so I will entertain your criticisms but will most likely reject even your best ideas! LOL I tried to come out to an even number, but when I got to 20, I thought of a couple more, then couldn’t get to 25. So there you have it. Stay tuned for the details of these as the weeks progress. Of course, you will still get the usual dose of ranting and raving you’ve come to expect but this is a little more directed. I hope you take the time to look within yourself and decide what you really believe about the nature of America!!



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3 responses to “Announcing Blog Project 2009: Traditional American Values

  1. G.P.

    What about the pursuit of happiness? And, are the constitutional values in this list. You may go to 30 or perhaps 15 if they have an overlap. The list is full and ambitious, so blessings in trying.

  2. reedkeys

    I think I covered the pursuit of happiness in item #13. I intentionally tried to avoid Constitutional language we are familiar with and put things in a slightly different context. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Jim

    Many thanks for this list. All Americans ought to review it from time to time in order to keep our country on track.

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