Whew! What a week!

Ok, it’s been a few days since my last post and I’ve got a lot of pent up frustration. I’m going to try to do some quick hits on a variety of subjects so bear with me. I want to tell you up front that this blog will have some adult oriented euphemisms in it so if you think you might be offended, you have been warned. Unfortunately, it’s something that’s been on national news this week, so I feel I have to address it. But first, the good news.

Early in the week, we found out that the tanker captain from Vermont who was being held hostage by some Somali pirates (can’t we call them “sea-faring terrorists?”) had been rescued by our wonderful Navy SEALS. Three pirates dead, one captured, and the hostage home safe now. I have to tell you, I was on the verge of giving up on this one. It felt like 1979 all over again. That year, 52 American diplomats were taken hostage in the Iranian embassy. I was getting that hopeless feeling all over again. Then it happened. BANG! Three dead terrorists and one freed hostage. I was so proud of our awesome military and my initial reaction was that this said more about our military than it did Mr. Obama. But the running story was that he approved the action so, I give him all the credit for that.

But as I’m writing this blog, I just got an email from a friend who is ex-military. Apparently this email is an “inside baseball” look at the decision-making process which led to the end of the crisis. According to this email, it had been made clear to the crew of the Bainbridge (our Navy ship on the scene) by the Commander-in-Chief that the only acceptable outcome was a peaceful one. The rules of engagement were very strict: respond only if the hostage’s life was in clear, extreme danger. Despite being shot at many times, the US Navy did not respond. The SEALS were brought in (36 hours after the On Scene Commander requested them) but every rescue plan was vetoed. Finally, the OSC decided he had sole discretion to determine if the hostages life was in “clear, extreme danger.” Once he saw one of the terrorists point his AK-47 squarely in the back of the hostage, he felt that was enough. Four hours later, well you know the rest. So although I’m thrilled for the message this action sent, I fear future dillemas will not be met with similar action. But for now, whatever led to the ultimate outcome, way to go Obama.

Well whatever good feelings I had for the pride in our military was quickly doused by the events of the rest of the week. On Tuesday, President Obama spoke at Georgetown University. I didn’t know this but Georgetown is a Catholic university of the Jesuit order. According to a report on CNSNEWS.com, a first-hand report from the communications department at the college said that they covered up the symbol IHS on the stage where Obama was speaking at the request of the White House. In case you don’t know, the IHS symbol is a traditional Jesuit symbol for the name of Jesus. First of all, who makes this kind of request? Why ask to have Jesus’ name covered up?!? But what makes me more angry is why did the college actually do it?!?!?! I’m annoyed beyond belief! I don’t expect our politicians to go around asking our religious organizations to denounce their traditions just so he can make an appearance, but I definitely don’t expect our religious organizations to comply with this outrageous request!!! Can you tell I’m a little exasperated?

Then on Wednesday, it was tax day. I was pretty happy because I hadn’t heard about the Georgetown thing yet and I had my taxes done so I was driving off to work, turned off my radio, and just sang all the way to work. I knew there were going to be these “tea parties” going on but I was a little preoccupied with finishing my aforementioned taxes and I knew I was going to be working that day so I didn’t pay much attention. Then I started watching FOX news and seeing America in action. It made me so proud. I felt that flush of optimism and patriotism I felt on January 20, 1981. Our hostages were coming home, we were inaugurating a new President, one who believed America was the solution, not the problem – it was a great day! So was April 15, 2009. It was the day America did what it always does, the people stood up and said, “Hey wait! You work for us!” We don’t just say that on designated election days. We say it whenever we feel like government isn’t listening to us.

So imagine my utter disgust when in the face of this most patriotic of days, I hear Anderson Cooper and David Shuster (among others) refer to the prosters as “teabagging.” This is a sexual metaphor which I had to look up. Sorry, I’m not that worldly. But I still can’t believe that both CNN and MSNBC allowed their anchors to go on the air and use such a filthy metaphor on national television! I mean does Anderson Cooper really kiss his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, with that mouth?!? It was of course designed to make fun and denegrate the protestors. Frankly, I’m offended beyond words and just absolutely outraged! I don’t get outraged very often and now that’s twice this week. Congratulations to the protestors though. I didn’t hear one word of violence or unruly behavior at any of the protests. Imagine that – literally hundreds of thousands of protestors in hundreds of cities in all fifty states (or 57 if Obama is counting) and not one word of violence. AMAZING!

And now finally, breaking news as I write this blog (as if I wasn’t outraged enough), the Drudge Report is showing pictures of Obama yukking it up and shaking hands with the tyrant Hugo Chavez. Like they’re old buddies! Mr. Obama, even if Mr. Chavez likes you personally, he still hates America. He will only use you to help destroy America if you let him. I only hope you’re smarter than that!


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