Superfly. . .you’re fired!

Ok, maybe I’ve been watching too much Celebrity Apprentice! On Friday afternoon, at about 4:30pm, Louis Caldera, the head of the White House Military Office, resigned. Mr. Caldera was the one who took the hit for the Manhattan flyover of a backup Air Force One. Since the WHMO is responsible for the comings and going of AF1, it is obviously, ultimately, his responsibility so he should go. In conjuction with his resignation, the White House released a report detainling the results of their internal investigation. As far as I’m concerned, this offers more questions than answers. The one question I want an answer to is: Why do we need a new photo of AF1 over the Statue of Liberty?!? The report, which is available on this page, starts with project already underway and details the almost Keystone Kops approach to a major event like this. I would also like to know who threatened the NYPD with sanctions if they divulged the details of this operation to their superiors (like the mayor’s office). I suspect it was someone at the FAA but who and why? We are supposed to get a report from the FBI as well but I don’t expect that to be any more informative.

During and after the Clinton administration, there was a slew of tell-all books which gave us a glimpse inside the Clinton White House. I’ve read a couple of them like Dereliction of Duty and Unlimited Access. I’m looking forward to the slew of books that come out of this administration. I think only then will we get the full story.


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