That’s great but what do you do for an encore?

Today is the first day of July. We are about to celebrate our independence. And we are beginning the second half of the year. So far, President Obama has made good on many of his campaign promises. But as much as I am afraid of his policies passing, what concerns me more is what’s coming next!!

See if you can keep pace with this. Since President Obama took office in January, the agenda has been passing at a blistering pace. There’s been an executive order to close Gitmo, an $800 billion stimulus bill, GM and Chrysler have been nationalized, many of the nation’s largest banks have been nationalized, health care reform is making its way through Congress, cap-and-trade legislation was passed last week by the House, he’s signed tobacco reform, credit card reform, banking reform, a slew of czars for every conceivable special interest (including a “Violence Against Women” Czar, personally I’m against it, and I didn’t need a czar), a Supreme Court nominee, more troops into Afghanistan, more troops out of Iraq, waffled on freedom in Iran, stood behind a socialist in Honduras, spoke to the Muslim world, flew to New York for a date, got some killer shots of AF1 over Manhattan, and that’s just off the top of my head!!! It has been an amazing six months.

You have to give him credit. Most Presidents play the political game where they time these initiatives to coincide with relevant elections. Not this guy. He’s throwing as much against the wall as he can and as fast as he can. Every day it’s something new. This week it’s the big push for nationalized healthcare. I know, I know, it’s not really nationalized healthcare. . .but it is! If this passes, it starts us down that path where the only option will be no option.

As much as the actual agenda items frighten me, it’s the pace that frightens me more. For example, we just had a stimulus package pass in February – at least $800 billion. It hasn’t even been six months, and they are already talking about a second stimulus package. Does anyone think we didn’t spend enough in the first one? Don’t forget, there was a much more subdued stimulus package last year where everyone who paid taxes got a check, remember that? Now we’re talking about another one?!? So can we assume then that spending – say it with me, slowly – e-i-g-h-t-h-u-n-d-r-e-d-b-i-l-l-i-o-n-d-o-l-l-a-r-s actually failed to provide any stimulus? Certainly, if they’re talking about another one, they’re prepared to admit the first two didn’t work, right? Why would we need more stimulus if everything is hunky dory? Do I get my “I told you so” moment yet?!?

Yes, when the promised fairy tale of keeping unemployment under 10% is shattered with the next report, there will be utter panic in the halls of the White House. You thought the first six months were fast-paced? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Meanwhile, across the pond, there are some interesting things going on. It seems that in Hungary, the socialists have decided it’s time for some tax cuts. Now I don’t claim to be an expert on Hungarian politics, but I always thought socialists were AGAINST tax cuts. But with the recession deepening and revenues dwindling, there’s really nothing left for them to do. Over in Germany, Angela Merkel has succomb to pressure to cut taxes in her country as well. Despite her promises not to, she has had no choice. A new stimulus plan includes very little government spending and some tax relief.

So I say, “GAME ON HUNGARY AND GERMANY!!” Let’s keep an eye on them and see how they do. Obviously, the success or failure over there doesn’t necessarily translate over here, but what they hay! Let’s see, in April of this year, Hungary had unemployment of 9.7%, Germany 8.3%, and the US has a May total of 9.4%. Those are fairly even. Let’s keep track and see how it goes.

Meanwhile, I have a proposal for Mr. Obama. I’ll give you 2009! You pass as much as you want this year, heck put Sotomayor on the bench if you want. Just give me 2010. At the pace you’re going, you’re not going to have much left in your agenda anyway, why not try some tax cuts? Maybe even some budget cuts, let’s start with those czars (do we really need an Iran Czar and a Middle East Czar?) If there’s a Supreme Court opening, what the heck, I’ll put Sarah Palin on there! You’ve got to like that. It gets her out of the way for 2012!

But alas, my offers of a compromise will probably go unheeded. The fact is all this power grab is not part of the agenda, it IS the agenda. They aren’t trying to solve anything by doing all these things. It’s simply power for power’s sake. It doesn’t matter if the stock market rises or falls, or unemployment, or anything else. The only thing that matters is that they’re in control – of us and our money! They don’t want us having the choices we’re used to because not everyone can have access to every choice. They don’t think its fair. So they play on the pity of the downtrodden and use it to push their agenda. Eventually, none of us has any choice.

So as we look forward to the second half of 2009, don’t blink. You might miss another big power grab from the man who never saw a piece of legislation he didn’t like – except one that might help America get back to work!


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