The New Feminism

I believe I sense a change in the air. I have never considered myself a feminist. I love women, in all their forms, and I’m a big fan of their achievements and believe they should always be treated as equals to men in the workplace. But I don’t consider that feminism, that’s just justice, fair play for all. I believe the feminist agenda from a political standpoint has been detrimental to women, on the whole. Certainly, it has helped create a better working environment for those women who have chosen to pursue a career, but it also seems to demonize women who choose not to pursue a career outside the home.

Last year, during the campaign, I decided to start watching the O’Reilly factor. I have never been a Bill O’Reilly fan. Bill never struck me as an ideologue, like Rush, Sean, or. . .ME! After having watched him for about a year now, I realize he is more of a populist, with traditional values. He says he’s always, “looking out for the folks.” Generally, I think he is. He has more middle-of-the-road views on global warming and legalized abortion than I do, but generally I agree with him. But about six months ago, something struck me right between the eyes. It doesn’t matter what the subject is: politics, the economy, breaking news, whatever. He always finds the HOTTEST women to talk to on the show. I mean, even spokeswomen for an airline – HOT! He even has a woman come on from a website called Hot for Words to talk about etymology! Are you kidding me?!? And it doesn’t matter, blonds, brunettes, redheads, he’s got them all! But the really interesting thing is, he treats them all just like he does the men. Sure, he’s maybe a little more polite, but if he disagrees with them, he lets them have it! He challenges them and gives them credit when they change his mind (which is rare!). He treats them like the intelligent, beautiful, people they are. To me . . .wait for it. . .Bill O’Reilly. . .are you sitting down?. . .is the ultimate feminist! Yup, you heard me. Bill O’Reilly is the ultimate feminist. This is what feminism should be. Bright women engaging in the arena of ideas who, oh by the way, are VERY easy on the eyes. He’s not #1 because of his political views. He’s #1 because he has the hottest women on television on his show, every night! And when he’s gone, who fills in? Laura Ingraham! Not to shabby either!

Oh sure, there are the exceptions: Dick Morris, Dennis Miller, Glenn Beck. Those are just pallet cleansers. Wait till the next segment, hotties are right around the corner! And I’m sure this just infuriates people who consider themselves true feminists. They would say that these women are getting the prime airtime because they are so good looking. DUH! But what’s wrong with that? Not eveyone can be on television. Go write a book or do a radio show. The new feminism means you’re competent AND hot!

And this is where Sarah Palin comes in. She’s got it all! She’s got a hot hubby, beautiful kids, a great job, and she’s apparently good at it. Oh, did I mention, SHE’S HOT! Yup, she’s got it all! Except now she’s resigning as Governor of Alaska. What’s up with that? Well, she’s been the object of scorn by the mainstream media ever since she showed up on the national stage as John McCain’s running mate. These so-called feminists have piled nothing but vitriol on her since day one. Where were all the congratulations for showing that a woman could have it all – a job, a life, and a figure! Oh no! They raked her up one side and down the other. Ultimately, John McCain lost the election and so Sarah would just go back to Alaska, back to her hot hubby, beautiful kids, you know. . .

“Not so fast little missy. You think we’re done with you just because you LOST! No we have to destroy you!” This is what the mainstream culture has said to her ever since. They have inundated Alaska with ethics investigations (all of which she has passed), she has been the butt of jokes, even for her appearance! Lost in the battle with David Letterman over his absolutely offensive comment about her daughter, was his comment that she looked like a slutty flight attendant. Are you kidding me? She’s HOT! Does that make her irrelevant?

Let’s look at the other side of the coin. Currently, we have another prominent woman from New York who is in the news. She is a self-made woman, just like Sarah. Except she went to all the right schools. Even though, by her own admission, she didn’t belong there. She calls herself an “affirmative action baby.” Her test scores were no where near good enough, according to her. But the schools needed to fill certain racial quotas, so in she goes. In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m of course talking about Sonia Sotomayor, our current Supreme Court Justice nominee. And nothing has changed since her days of low test scores. She has an 80% reversal rate when her decisions get to the Supreme Court. Not exactly high marks. But all we hear about is her “inspiring personal story.” Ok, all that’s fine but is she hot? Well. . .

But despite Sarah Palin having a similar self-made background, she is villified, while Sonia is praised for using the system to her own advantage. Ideology? Sure, I’m sure that has something to do with it. But I think the thing that makes these liberal elites in the halls of media and policy squirm is that Sarah is attractive. . . and COMPETENT! I don’t know what Sarah’s going to do next, but I can guarantee she’ll be hot doing it.

But in true O’Reilly fashion, I’m going to give Miller the last word:

So to sum up:

Sarah –  Hot!

Sonia – Not!

O’Reilly – Feminist

Got it? Good!


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