Did I Just Say That Out Loud?!?

Every once in a while, a politician will say something to let you in on what they are really thinking. Those moments are precious and few. Like in 1999, when then-President Clinton, bragging about a projected budget surplus said, “We could give it all back to you and hope you spend it right… But … if you don’t spend it right. . .Do you really want to run the risk of squandering this surplus?” Yes, here you have a classic example of a liberal saying that he can spend your money better than you can.< Sigh> Such fond memories. . .I think I found my happy place. . .

It only took a few months in office but President Obama has given us a beautiful reminder of how they know the truth and yet insist what we all know to be true really isn’t. Of course, I am talking about the very heated health care debate. Today, President Obama held a town hall to go on the offensive in support of his health care plan. . .which he didn’t write. . .and doesn’t know what’s in it. . .but which he totally supports. During his town hall, he restates his belief that the new health care legislation simply adds another competitor to the health care choices to keep the insurance companies honest. (like the hundreds of insurance companies having one more competitor will solve some perceived “honesty” problem) He reassures us that the public option is simply that, an option you have if you want it (which if you read my last blog, you know isn’t true). He tries to allay our fears that the public option will wipe out private insurance companies pointing to. . .well listen for yourself

(man I love posting videos!)

Ok, so did you hear it? He compares the US Postal Service to FedEx and UPS! Ok, this isn’t in the league with Clinton’s comment, but it is priceless. What’s wrong with that? In case you didn’t know this (I didn’t till I looked it up), the USPS is a MONOPOLY! They are NOT in competition with FedEx or UPS. In fact, the USPS is an agency of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH which he is the head of!!! Does he not know that?!? FedEx and UPS only provide services that the USPS can’t. It is a Constitutional mandate that the USPS have exclusive rights to serve the public with their mail.

Ok, but I’m burying the lead. (I’m just so giddy, WEEEE!) President Obama, in trying to point out how private companies have been able to survive in the face of government competition, actually pointed out that a government agency, WITH A TOTAL MONOPOLY ON SERVICE, (that is to say, we allll have to use it!!) is “always having problems.” (Be still my beating heart!!!)

Man I may just have to throw a party! I may be up all night listening to “happy days are here again!” He didn’t just say that did he?!? He did!!! WOW!

I’ve always believed that when you have won the argument, you should just shut up.

Thank you! Good night everybody!!!



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13 responses to “Did I Just Say That Out Loud?!?

  1. Damn, I am really mad at you. That was my essay for today! I started to write then decided to check you out first. I may just put my own spin on this anyway. So there!

    ok, good job.

  2. reedkeys

    See I go the other way around. I try to write first then read you so I’m not tainted. The good news is nobody’s reading mine! LOL I think I have a few fans so no offense to them. Have at it my friend. I look forward to your take. But come on, this should be game over, right? He admits that a government agency, even with NO competition can’t do things as efficiently as a private company. AMAZING!

  3. Truly amazing. yet it will go unnoticed or brushed aside by most of the Dems.

  4. reedkeys

    Doesn’t matter. This isn’t about d’s or r’s anymore. If they come back from recess and pass something in a hurry (or at all), there will be full-fledged revolution. The word is getting out!

  5. fancybeggar

    Yes, I would think the supporters of government run healthcare would shy away from drawing the post office comparison. It’s notorious for having an image of inefficiency, whether it’s well-earned or not. I personally think they do a pretty good job. As my mom used to say, if someone asked me to take a letter to Denver, Colorado for them for $0.25 (this was a while ago), I’d tell them where to stick it. I’m not sure I’d make that comment to a govermnet-employed proctologist, though. They might take it literally.

  6. Craig Kelly

    Can someone Please send me a link to a site that has information on where it is a law that states that you need to use the post office. I send letters by FedEx all the time.

  7. Craig Kelly

    Wow, Most doctors want a puplic option.
    Wow 77 of Americans Want the Public option.
    Wow 76% of Americans Do Not want the Public Option.

    So before you start spouting on about revolution make sure your reading the right Poll.
    No one knows for sure who wants what.

  8. Craig,

    Ask FedEx to pick up the mail in your mailbox. Ask them to come to your residence and get your outgoing mail and drop off your personal mail everyday at the same time.

  9. reedkeys

    According to Wikipedia, “Article I, section 8, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution grants U.S. Congress the power to establish post offices and post roads. The Federal Government has interpreted this clause as granting a de facto Congressional monopoly over the delivery of mail. According to the government, no other system for delivering mail – public or private – can be established absent Congress’s consent. Congress has delegated to the Postal Service the power to decide whether others may compete with it, and the Postal Service has carved out an exception to its monopoly for extremely urgent letters.” Hope that helps!

  10. reedkeys

    You say, “No one knows for sure who wants what.” I understand your point, but it doesn’t matter what WE want. What matters is what our elected officials think they can get away with.

  11. Craig Kelly

    That’s True, Politicians are much like busness owners. Votes are there Bottem line.
    So as American the only thing we can do is put comments in the comment box, and Boycot the store if they aren’t selling what we want.
    I think what would add more versatility to the government spectrum is to move them around to diffrent districts. Currently we only get pandering to those who congragate in thier juristrictions.
    So until that or a better Idea, Write your congressman, and write other congresspeople as well. No one says can can only communicate with your own district or state. The only thing I want is honest factual debates I hate the whole Keith Olberman, Glenn Beck thing. (Don’t get me wrong its entertaining, but .. you know what I Mean.)

  12. Craig Kelly

    If fedex handled regular mail everyone would not be able to afford it. Same with Health care. I want my health care at the same equivalent price as a postage stamp.

  13. Craig,

    Good luck with that. Most likely your health care will be much more expensive. The Baucas plan is reported to cost 13% of your income. Mine currently runs about 2.4% of my income. So if you like COBRA prices you’ll love the Baucas plan.

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