Sympathy for the Liberal

It must suck to be a liberal. You would think this would be the time in the life of a liberal when they have everything going for them. Imagine, you spend your whole life living in a country whose very founding was a rejection of every tenet of liberalism. Over the years, liberalism has been rejected time and time again. Oh sure, there were flirtations: elements of socialist programs introduced by FDR and LBJ; the Supreme Court’s decisions on abortion and sodomy, to name a few; and of course, affirmative action. We’re still paying for those. But never has the entire government been so completely taken over by far left liberals with an agenda of, in the President’s own words, “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

So what’s the problem? Liberals live in the White House. Liberals populate the halls of Congress in numbers never before seen: a super-majority in the Senate and overwhelming majorities in the House. The President has surrounded himself with some of the most liberal people in the country. He has appointed over 30 czars for every conceivable policy agenda. Not to mention populating the already existing structures of government with left-wing radicals. But aside from taking over a couple of car companies and spending us into oblivion, some of the more radical of his agenda items seem to be having trouble.

And at a time when the President has enjoyed the lock-step (is that appropriate?) favor of the mainstream media! There is virtually no criticism of the President or his agenda on any of the major networks or newspapers (do they still print those?). Quite the contrary. ABC news even gave over an entire day of news coverage so the President could tout his health care program. ABC literally moved into the White House and did their news shows from there AND gave the President an entire hour of prime time television to pitch his health care reform agenda virtually unchallenged (does that count as a donation?).

And it’s not like the President has any political opposition either. The Republicans in Congress and around the country are not very outspoken about the President’s policies. Sure there is the obligatory, “I don’t think this is what’s best for the American people” quotes from various so-called elected “leaders.” But I’m a Republican and I’m a conservative, and I can’t think of one single elected leader who has been the face of opposition for the President’s agenda. Not one! The only two people who have taken on the President with any tremendous success are Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin! And they have NO POWER TO CHANGE ANYTHING!!! They hold no elective office! Other than, of course, the same power we all have given to us by that pesky document, the Constitution. You remember that don’t you? “We the people. . .” and all that stuff. Quaint id’n it.

So what’s the holdup?!? Why am I not already waiting in line to see my doctor? C’mon people! We got the non-stimulative stimulus package done in a couple weeks. It’s been almost SEVEN MONTHS and the President hasn’t signed cap and trade or health care. Are we not in enough crisis yet? We are still in the throes of a deepening recession and unemployment is now at a 26-year high – 9.7%! (For the record, the all-time high is 10.8% back in 1982. C’mon America! We can break that record!!) We have been bleeding jobs for the entire year. Approximately three million just since the inauguration!

It seems that things have started to come apart at the seams for the liberals. Beginning with the massive push for health care reform, the President and his agenda have been floundering. The President’s approval rating has dipped below 50% for the first time since taking office. What was once on a fast track to passage, has become mired in arguments and divisiveness. The President has been pitching his agenda every day, on every TV network for months now. Like President Clinton said to the Netroots convention back in August, once the President signs the legislation, his polls will start going back up! I absolutely agree! Just pass it, Mr. President! Let’s watch those polls start skyrocketing upward, just like the stock market! You have Congress, the media, the unprecedented support of the American people, right? Just do it!

But alas, the heyday of the liberal seems to have come and gone. What was it? Six months? You had quite a run there. And now, as the wheels are seemingly coming off, the one great icon of the liberal movement for five decades, has died. Ted Kennedy, who has been on the wrong side of every important issue facing the country since the 1960’s, passed away, and just at the time when his passion for health care reform was about to be realized. As his grandson said, during a prayer at his funeral, that it was his grandfather’s cause of his life that, “every American have decent, quality health care as a fundamental right, not a privilege.” Well I guess there’s nothing like teaching the kids early that religion is merely a tool for political goals.

Perhaps it will be passed yet. As both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have said, Teddy’s passing should help them garner support for passage of the kind of health care for Americans that Teddy himself wouldn’t have ever used. Or perhaps when this bill is ultimately and completely rejected, we can bury it in a plot next to Teddy and his brothers at Arlington. We could put a headstone on it, “Here lies the last remnants of the great cause of a great liberals life. A life lived in vain!”

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for the liberals, I get up this morning to find out that Green Jobs Czar Van Jones has resigned. Why would it matter that Green Jobs Czar Van Jones has resigned? Green Jobs Czar Van Jones is one of the most radically liberal people in the country, not just the administration. He is a self-confessed Communist and has made many statements about how he wants to “change the whole system,” talking about the United States and how we do things here. Sound familiar? He’s also a member of the 9/11 “truther” movement (although he denies it now) and has been a strident supporter of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal. He is exactly the kind of person Barack Hussein Obama wants in his administration. While the concept of a Communist creating jobs is a novel one, that experiment seems to have failed, again.

Why did it fail? As far as I know, there has only been one person who has taken the issue of Green Jobs Czar Van Jones on and that’s Glenn Beck. Glenn is a talk radio host and host of his own show for an hour a day on FOX news. According to Byron York of the Washington Examiner, a Nexis search of Van Jones and his controversies turned up zero (0) results in the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, and, NBC news. If you get your news from any or all of those sources, then you know nothing of the. . .well to be kind. . .checkered past of the former Green Jobs Czar.

Why the failure of the Obama agenda? Why the failure of the Green Jobs Czar? The people of this country have started to understand the true revolutionary nature of the administration and what they really “hope” to “change.” Remember that quaint old document that starts “We the people. . .?” Guess it’s still pretty relevant even after over 220 years! Keep up the good work America!



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5 responses to “Sympathy for the Liberal

  1. One Republican I think is doing something constructive is MY representative Tom Price. He has submitted the Republican health care proposal (HR3400) that Pelosi won’t let out of committee.

    Van Jone is just one of dozens of Marxists in the Administration. I don’t think Beck can pick all of them off since their leader has written about his Marxist influences and no one paid attention. We were all hypnotized by the title Audacity of Hope.

  2. reedkeys

    While I’m sure there are a lot of Republicans who are trying to make a difference, there are none, especially in the leadership, who are making a dent in the drone coming from the administration. The only thing Sarah Palin has is a freaking Facebook page, and she’s doing far more than the collective brain power in Washington!

    Maybe Beck can’t take them ALL out, but I bet he starts on another one on Monday. My pick is Cass Sunstein. But it really doesn’t matter. One is as loony as the next.

    For the record, I have never been hypnotized!

  3. Rich Pastore

    Glenn Beck is a pop music DJ. So is Rush Limbaugh. Their claims to represent the voice of the American people come not from intelligent debate, careful study, or experience in public service, foreign relations, or even the U.S. military. I doubt they’ve even volunteered to help build a playground. Their only claims to legitimacy are that the majority of people in America possess the educational equivalent of a pop music DJ, and therefore they legitimize the people’s shallow, emotional responses to real issues, which makes those shallow, uneducated people happy, and in turn, makes two former pop music DJs with no education insanely rich. Meanwhile, the Republican Congress you bemoan is not making incendiary statements like Beck and Limbaugh because 1. They are educated, and are examining all sides of the issues at hand and 2. Making such pronouncements will not raise their advertising rates and by them a fifth home. Wake up and let the leaders you elected lead. If they lead poorly, then elect new ones. That’s Democracy. And stop putting more money in the pockets of those inane pop music DJs.

  4. lindacht

    You sound like a man who very rarely gets oposition with what you say… I swore I wouldn’t get into a political debate with you, but I must write this. It doesn’t suck to be a liberal. Bush made huge mistakes during his administration and every republican I know brushed it under the rug and in basic words, just said, “We have to support our President.” Now that Obama is President, not even a year has passed and he is being crucified by all the republicans who say that we have to support our President. I guess we only have to support the President when he is a Republican.

  5. Craig Kelly

    Liberalism is based on kindness, empathy, compassion and generosity.
    This is the active human state in its higher enlightened capacity.
    It is a natural state of being for those who are worldly and wise and move beyond the fears of survival, instince and the hormones of fight or flight secreted by our lower primal brains. Fear drives those who see danger in all things. Fear of all things different. Fear of change. Without fear people are more exceptive of change, thus liberals are more progressive, therefore to be liberal is to be more evolved.
    Go here to learn more.

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