Touching a nerve? That new health care program should help!

I got quite a few responses for my “Sympathy for the Liberal” post a few weeks ago. Since writing that post, things have gotten even worse for the liberals in power. I’d like to respond to those who were so kind to leave comments. I want this to be a place we can have a dialog about our feelings and our thoughts. I hope I can help change some minds and perhaps others can point out things to me that I haven’t thought about. So with all of our egos in check, here are my thoughts on the comments.

While I can’t vouch for Glenn or Rush as to whether they have ever volunteered to build a playground or not, I can tell you they have as much military experience as our current Commander-in-Chief! While Rush has personally raised or donated (Ok, I haven’t seen the check stubs, but I hope we’re all comfortable within the confines of the honor system) millions of dollars to the Leukemia Foundation through his telethons each year and the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, while according to the Boston Globe, our beloved leader can not even reach into his own pocket to help his family members in Kenya.

I think I agree with you basically, though. Beck and Limbaugh are simply entertainers, putting on a show for the millions (like me) who find their opinions interesting. Although they didn’t have formal educations when they started (according to Beck, he has since earned a college degree), they were able to use their talents to help them earn a lucrative living. This, my friend, is what America is all about! There is no conventional path to success here in this great land of opportunity. You make your way the best you can using your wits and your talents.

My question though is why does the White House care what a couple of uneducated radio jocks think? Someone should tell Mr. Obama that he won! Seriously, he has all of the mainstream media in his pocket, not to mention a good portion of the not-so-mainstream media. He is on TV EVERY DAY! This morning, he was on every news program and tomorrow he is going on David Letterman. Why not fight for Van Jones if he’s so important? Why not ignore the unintelligent Glenn Beck? Why attack the irrelevant Rush Limbaugh? Barry should be swimming in the deep end of the pool! Yet he seems concerned about what he DOESN’T have, rather than what he does. I find that utterly fascinating.

I would be happy to let him lead – he is the one who is holding himself back.

But, if you’re really interested in a political icon who has a rich military history, proven economic success as President, and stellar credentials in foreign relations, might I recommend – Ronald Wilson Reagan!


Apparently, you haven’t spent much time in my house! At home, I frequently get questions about my beliefs. In fact, (I know this is hard to believe) many of my conservative friends think I’m too conservative! I understand that President Bush made a lot of mistakes, but I believe he made honest mistakes and made steps to correct them. The one thing I have always said about George is that, love him or hate him, he always told you what he was going to do – and did it! In 2004, he literally dared you to vote him out of office. He said that as long as he was President, he would pursue the war on terror and boy did he! He kept us safe for eight years after we were attacked. I hope that record holds.

Mr. Obama, however, has. . .well. . . to be polite. . .been less than honest with the American people. When Joe Wilson shouted, “You lie!” at the President, it was because he wasn’t telling the truth. First, there is no “Obama Health Care Plan” being considered in either house of Congress. Second, the ones that are being considered have no provision in them to verify citizenship before someone receives benefits. In fact, the Republicans offered amendments that would guarantee that illegal aliens would not receive benefits. The Democrats refused the amendments. So when the President says, “The reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally,” Joe Wilson’s response is a proper one.

Obama’s not being crucified because he’s not being given a chance. He’s being crucified because he simply can’t tell the truth about what he wants to do. I believe I have documented that pretty well in other posts as well.

But hey! Thanks for joining the debate! Don’t be a stranger.


I think we’ve found common ground, Craig. I agree with you when you say, “Liberalism is based on kindness, empathy, compassion and generosity.” I believe conservatism is grounded in rational thought, facts, and results. Liberals never want to be judged on their results, only on their intentions. For example, for more than forty years, we have been paying into the Great Society, introduced by LBJ. And yet, we still have poor people don’t we? Did the Great Society work? I say no! How ’bout we try something else then. Let’s kill these programs which clearly haven’t worked, return the money back to those who have earned it, let them spend it how they want, and watch the economy grow, providing more jobs for more people than ever before! It has worked every time it has been tried.

I, for one, am not afraid of change or anything else. I don’t vote out of fear, or decide my view on issues based on any emotional feelings. Emotions are the purview of the liberals, just as you said. They tend to base their stance on issues according to their own definition of “fairness.” Heck, they’re the ones who developed the “fairness doctrine!” I am a little wary of someone, like our President, who says he wants to fundamentally transform the United States. This is the nation that has done more than any other nation in history to benefit the rest of the world. During the aftermath of the Indonesian tsunami, we donated about a billion dollars in public and private funding. We couldn’t do that if we changed our society. Since the President has been honest about his Marxist tendencies, I suspect that’s the change he wants to make. I reject that since it has never worked and won’t work here. It might make some liberals feel good to “spread the wealth” as the President says, but I don’t want my wealth spread to anyone but those who I choose.

Whew! I hope we all had a good exchange. I know I did. Keep the comments coming! I look forward to hearing from all of you.



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2 responses to “Touching a nerve? That new health care program should help!

  1. Rich Pastore


    The White House doesn’t care what two uneducated disc jockeys think – you, and millions of other people who are either too stupid or too lazy to think for themselves, do. It’s the politicians’ duty to address the concerns of his constituents, hence the commentary on the misinformation being fed by the djs. But entertainment isn’t what politics or leadership is about. The djs use of very real issues as entertainment for profit is equal to watching a NASCAR race hoping for a horrific crash because it would be entertaining to see the explosion. But there are people behind the wheels of those cars. with lives and families and hopes. America is not about idiots who are smart enough to dupe bigger idiots into making them rich. It is sad if you believe that. America is about the tired, the poor, the huddled masses, yearning to be free, finally having a safe haven. You have forgotten this, or worse, have never even known it.

    Rich Pastore

  2. reedkeys

    You are wrong Rich. The White House does care. If they did not care, Van Jones would still be working there! They made NO effort to defend Van Jones, so we are left to assume that everything Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, et al. said is completely true. Heck, I don’t think Glenn ever made any conclusions about Van. All he did was play clips of Van telling us what he believes in his own words. This story was completely ignored by the big four new networks. The idea that Van Jones was somehow a distraction to Obama and his agenda is ludicrous since no one was paying any attention to this story. Except of course for red-blooded, capital-loving, freedom-seeking Americans like me! We reject the idea that Van Jones has that this whole system needs to be changed and we need to give the wealth to those who refuse to earn it.

    Yes, America is a safe-haven for those huddled masses yearning to be free. But free to do what? With freedom comes responsibilities. We all have the ability to earn our own way in this society and there are people all over the country who have taken advantage of the tremendous opportunities this country has. It is not an opportunity to come here and sponge off the hard work of others.

    As far as NASCAR fans go, I’m a proud southerner who grew up watching the good ol’ boys race across the South. I’ve driven on Daytona Spaeedway, and I driven on the hard packed beaches of Daytona where the earliest races were held. Racing is about just that – racing! In sports, as in life, accidents happen. No self-respecting NASCAR fan wants to see an accident, much less death! We like good racing and hate restrictor plates! If you don’t know what that is, you’re probably not a NASCAR fan.

    It never ceases to amaze me though that liberals can not have a conversation with a conservative with out a personal attack. I looked back over my response and I didn’t level one personal attack against you or any of my other posters. And yet you come out right from the start giving me the choice of being either stupid or lazy. I reject the notion that I don’t think for myself. You haven’t rebutted any of my points (and I made some good ones) and yet you call me stupid (or lazy). Perhaps you should take the advice of our noble leader, Nancy Pelosi, and tone down the vitriolic rhetoric.

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