Sympathy for the Liberal – Part II

This is a great time for our country. We are rediscovering who we are and what we stand for! Last September, after the death of Ted Kennedy, I had a little pity party for the liberal leftists in this country. In a blog titled “Sympathy for the Liberal,” I pointed out how despite the almost universal support from the media and overwhelming majorities in both houses of Congress, it seemed the President’s agenda was floundering. Well, if the wheels were coming off in September, the bus has crashed into the side of a mountain here in February.

Let’s take a look back at the last few months of the President’s attempts to get things done. In October, he went to Copenhagen to lend his personal charisma to his adopted hometown’s bid to win the Olympics. Not only didn’t Chicago win the Olympics, they were the first city eliminated! In November, he campaigned for Democrat Creigh Deeds and Democrat Jon Corzine (an incumbent) for Governors of Virginia and New Jersey, respectively. Both states are traditionally Democrat run and went big for Obama in the election last year. But in both cases, even the endorsement of the most powerful liberal in the country couldn’t sweep them into office. They both lost.

Then in December, President Obama went back to Copenhagen to encourage the world to come to some agreement on the restriction of greenhouse gasses. At a time when the entire global warming movement is being exposed as a fraud, the President decided to step up to the plate and lend the force of his office to the issue. The Climate Conference ended with what British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called a weak agreement.

But the fatal blow came in January. The reason I wrote the first blog was in response to the death of Ted Kennedy. It was believed at the time that his death would help spur health care reform negotiations in the Senate. His seat was filled by an appointment from the Massachusetts governor (a Democrat) but there would still need to be a special election to fill his seat permanently. Over the months, the Senate did finally pass a bill with the help of not a single Republican. And now the election of Ted Kennedy’s replacement has turned into a de facto referendum on health care reform. If by some miracle, a Republican were to win Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, it would mean the super-majority in the Senate would be gone and it would be even harder to get health care reform passed.

During the campaign between Martha Coakley, the Democrat, and Scott Brown, the Republican, the race was often referred to as the fight for Ted Kennedy’s seat. During a debate, Mr. Brown reminded everyone that this was not Ted Kennedy’s seat, it was the people’s seat! I believe this was the “You’re no JFK” moment of the campaign. The polls started to turn the next day and never looked back. On the last weekend of the campaign, with the bottom having already fallen out in favor of Brown, the President decided to make one last ditch effort to save the seat. Remember, this is a state which has been the most liberal for decades. Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1. Despite the President’s fervent pleas, Brown won by five points. Brown made it clear that if he was elected he would vote “no” on the current health care legislation being considered. The people listened and the people took their seat!!!

As far as I’m concerned, this marks the end of the Obama administration. We’ll still have to put up with his bloviating, his incompetence and his condescension for the next three years, but any hope he had of getting anything passed is over. Not just because of one seat, but because it marks the turning of the political tide. Those who were on board for his agenda until now have begun to have serious second thoughts. Many in his party have decided simply not to run for re-election. They know they have little hope of surviving the people’s scrutiny given their acquiescence to Obama’s agenda. Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader from Nevada is losing to all of his potential opponents in the fall election, some by as much as 11 points!

And since this string of absolute debacles for the President, he has not changed his agenda one iota. In his State of the Union speech, he doubled down (as they say in the gambling trade). He just released a new budget proposal which has more increased spending at a time when tax revenues are drying up due to continued unemployment. Somethings gotta give. At least for now, we still have the power to change Congress which is starting to listen to the people. We can make government work for us instead of the other way around. Yes we can! Yes we can!!


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