Super Bowl History/Prediction

Most of you know I am a lifelong Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. As we approach another chapter in the long history that is the Super Bowl, I have one piece of trivia I’d like you all to remember. No team who has lost to the Bucs in the regular season has ever won the Super Bowl. A couple of notable instances: in 1998, the Vikings went 15-1 in the regular season. The 1 was the Bucs – the Vikings lost in the NFC Championship. Then in 2001, the Rams went 14-2, losing to the Bucs and Saints. They would lose the Super Bowl on a last minute drive by the Patriots. On Dec. 27, the Bucs beat the Saints, 20-17. Take the Colts!! But if losing to the Bucs is a curse, losing Tony Dungy is a blessing. Every team who lost Tony Dungy as a head coach has gone on to win the Super Bowl the next year. Ok, so it only happened once, in 2002 Jon Gruden took over the Dungy-less Bucs and led them to a victory in SB XXXVII. I’m still counting it! Go Colts!!


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