I am a forty-something conservative with a LOT of opinions. I hope to make them relevant and humorous. Please check back a couple times a week. I try to post something at least once a week but sometimes more if my head is about to explode!


5 responses to “About

  1. Mr. Keys – have you really been blogging since November 2004 and you never told me?
    Well, if that is true, you are not invited to this year’s SB party, late food and all!

  2. reedkeys

    Well, yes, but only regularly since the middle of last year and mostly for my own enjoyment. It is only recently that I thought my friends might actually be interested in my lunatic rantings. Welcome to my blog!

  3. Craig Kelly

    I’m new to this Blog.
    I am a Liberal. (one of them college professors conservative talk radio dj’s think are corrupting the youth.) I have read your blogs and I must say you are a very good writer. “A+” for content and grammar. (BTW I’m not an English Professor. :) )
    I wanted to introduce myself and congratulate you on a very well designed and well put together website.
    I look forward to some fine and civil debates.
    Craig A. Kelly

  4. reedkeys

    Welcome Craig! Thank you for the kind words. I do enjoy a good debate. One of the reasons I started this blog was so I could interact with people of both concurring and differing viewpoints. I feel we are too divided and need the opportunity to hear from someone on a more one on one basis. Happy reading and keep the comments coming!


  5. Craig Kelly

    Fantastic, No need for the profit Othello circus of MSNBC vs. FOX, Lets just be Americans Right. :)

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